Help each other with things you can’t do yourself

Klusdirect App

There are a lot of chores in and around the house that, as simple as they are, you can’t do it yourself, What then? Hiring an expensive professional? Or would you rather use an application where you can post the chore you need to be done and see who reacts and you can choose yourself?

The klusdirect application makes sure that every chore is taken care of fast and easy. Everyone who needs to get chores done or who wants to do chores kan register. Everyone has is own skills, what you can show on your profile and you can react to little jobs or chores that you are made for to do! You want something done you just can’t get around too? Post your picture, who much you would like to spend and someone in your neighborhood can react and take the burden off your hands!


Kaushan Script


Color palette

Be aware

Be aware that if someone wants to the job for a very low payment, make sure that his/hers ratings are good enough.

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Hire a company?

Still rather hire a big company? That’s oke, klusdirect also offers a list of company’s in your neighbourhood, that are specialed in your chores.

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