The band back to Acoustic wanted their own website

Back to Acoustic

Back to acoustic has been around for some years now. They two headed band are known for their beautiful covers of eighties songs and now a days you find them more and more on the stage and in the studio. But what is a band without a website?

What the band exactly wanted wasn’t that easy for them to decide. So we sat with them around the table and took them to every step of the process, designing right then and there to create the platform they wanted to have. It became of website with pictures, music and a videoclip, but not too overdone. It became interactive, where the is also the possibility to contact the band for a booking.


Kaushan Script


Color palette


A good experience is very important. That’s why we used ‘parallax scrolling’ with building this website. This feature creates the illusion of 3D in a 2D screen. This technique was used for the early computergames where de background moves slower then the foreground.



We gave Back to acoustic a onepager, that means that you can find everything on one page, simple and clean. Due to the large amount of photo’s of the band, we had to create one extra page.

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